North Shore skip bins services are a bit different to other waste collection services, such as front lift or rear lift bin pickups. In this blog, learn about what constitutes a skip bin, what waste they are suited for, and which skip bins are ideal for homes and businesses.

What Is A Skip Bin?

Simply put, a skip bin is a large metal bin that has no lid. Northern Beaches Skip Bins has a range of sizes, from 2 cubic metres, equivalent to 12 wheelbarrows, up to 6 cubic metres, equivalent to 36 wheelbarrows or 6 trailers.

All skip bins lie flat on the ground and don’t have wheels, so they cannot be moved by human strength alone. Instead, hydraulic arms lift and lower the skip bin in the desired location. Smaller skip bins typically require the same amount of space as a car’s parking spot. If it’s a larger skip bin, a truck with a hook lift mechanism is used to lift and drag the bin into the right spot and will naturally require more space.

What Are They Suited For?

When it comes to tossing waste into your hired skip bin, this is one of the primary differences from regular waste collection services. Your regular garbo that collects your refuse uses a truck that compresses small household waste (such as food, plastic containers and other non-hazardous waste). As such, it cannot accept larger items like building materials or some electronic appliances. When your household or business needs to dispose of these bigger general items, that’s when a skip bin should be hired.

Note that at Northern Beaches Skip Bins, we do not accept asbestos and other hazardous, contaminated waste.

Where Are They Used?

Smaller skip bins, also called marrel skips, are ideal for private homes that need to get rid of domestic waste, such as broken appliances or furniture, and businesses that require commercial rubbish removal. Businesses that may benefit from larger skips include construction companies, gardening service providers and those in the industrial sector.

If you think your home or business could benefit from a skip bin, there’s only one provider to call: Northern Beaches Skip Bins! As a proud and established supplier of skip bins on the North Shore, we can assist you in acquiring the right waste removal methods for your projects. Browse our skip bin sizes and make a booking online today for yours.