When you have a large clean-up project on your hands, like clearing a construction site or a home revamp project, skip bin hire services in Sydney is the best way to make the whole process a lot easier.

However, choosing the right sized skip bin can be confusing. Additionally, you need to know the correct weight restrictions as well as the right way to fill your skip bin efficiently.

Here’s a guide on how to fill your skip bin the right way.

#1 – Choose The Right Skip Bin For Hire

Skip bins for hire in Sydney come in a variety of sizes to meet a number of uses, and each size has a different price tag depending on the cubic meters needed. For this reason, look at the various items that need to be disposed of and their size and shape before hiring a skip bin so that you do not waste your time and money getting the wrong bin for your needs.

#2 – Weight Restrictions

Not every skip bin hire company offers the option of weight-restricted skip bins, however, you will need to inquire with your chosen company about dirt and concrete prior to hiring a skip bin.

#3 – Never Overfill Your Skip Bin

The skip bin you hire will need to be transported to a dumpsite. With that in mind, it is illegal to fill the bin to the rim. Make sure you speak to the skip bin hire company that will accommodate the waste material you need to transport to avoid fines and penalties.

#4 – Pack Your Skip Bin Efficiently And Tightly

Now, it’s time to fill the skip bin, and with that, it is vital that the bin is packed in a way that will not compromise the space and size of the bin. Make sure that it is packed starting with flat objects such as metal sheets, plywood and unwanted timber and debris, all facing the same direction.

Next will be heavy and bulky items like tabletops and household junk. However, make sure that all items are broken down – from bigger objects like tree limbs, furniture and appliances.

Last in line will be smaller, lightweight items like tree waste, paperwork and debris. These items will need to be levelled, distributing the weight across the bin to reduce risks of tipping en route.

Last in line will be any  At Northern Beaches Skip Bins in Sydney, we have a wide range of skip bin sizes, all designed for a range of uses. For skip bin hire services, get in touch with us today.