While most people prepare for same-day drop-off and pickup when it comes to skip bin hire in Frenchs Forest, some circumstances require you to keep the skip bin on your property for weeks at a time. This extended hiring period can come with its own set of challenges, and as your local skip bin experts, Northern Beaches Skip Bins is here to provide you with a few practical tips.

Don’t Let Neighbours Use Your Skip Bin

While it may seem relatively harmless to allow your neighbours to throw a few items in your skip bin, the problem comes if they are putting in items that could contaminate the load, in which case you may be liable. Your neighbours could also end up filling your skip bin, thus preventing you from getting rid of the items that you hired the skip bin for in the first place.

To avoid neighbours using your skip bin, you could cover the skip bin with a tarp when not in use and strategically place the skip bin so that it is in view of your home’s security cameras.

Not Placing the Skip Bin on Grass

While your grass will handle a skip bin being placed on top of it for 24 hours, if your skip bin is placed on your grass for over a week, you may have to deal with a dead/dying patch of grass once the skip bin is removed. Instead, look at alternative placements, such as your driveway. Just make sure that you’ll still be able to get your vehicle in and out.

Create a Packing Plan

If you want to make the most out of your skip bin hire, you’re going to want to plan out how you are going to pack your rubbish inside. Larger, lighter items should always go on the bottom, while smaller, heavier items should go on top.

Are you looking for reliable skip bin hire in Frenchs Forest or surrounding areas? Here at Northern Beaches Skip Bins, we offer skip bins in several different sizes—perfect for your rubbish removal needs, whatever they may be. Get in touch with our friendly team if you have any questions.