Reclaiming an overgrown garden can be a creative outlet or a green nightmare. To get it right, it helps to have a clear strategy, a skip and a mental attitude prepared for some wonderful outdoor exercise (gardening).

Strategy & Sydney Skip First

Have you recently bought a house with a severely neglected garden or are investing & need a garden makeover before selling on?

Whatever the reason, it is time to transform your wild green space. Step one is to set up a strategy and plan. An unplanned, fast start might be exciting, but unless you assess the garden properly and plan the end result, you might have a failed project.

Next, inspect your tool selection and see what needs to be bought, borrowed or rented.

Now decide what size skip you are going to need for all the cuttings or discarded items coming out of the garden. Position it near the garden but not in the way of any area of work.

How To Form The Best Plan Of Action

Before planning a full battalion attack, assess how bad the garden really is. Would a dash of pruning and weeding in strategic spots suffice? If it is a thick jungle, then it would be best to:

  • Identify the tired perennials from dominant weeds.
  • Identify trees and shrubs that will be kept or removed.
  • Identify what soil is available to work with.
  • Make a note of how many hours of direct sunlight the plants will get.
  • Decide whether you want to keep the old lawn, relocate it or replace it with a deck.

The size of the garden will affect your decision on whether this will be a staggering makeover or a get-it-over-and-done-with project.

Setting Up The Plan Of Action

A garden makeover is not an overnight project – it takes time. Here are some guideline steps:

Clearing rubbish – Step one is definitely removing broken garden features or furniture and non-vegetation junk.

Trimming – Overgrown hedges create a very messy look, so a neat, precise trim will transform your garden instantly and motivate you to keep forging ahead.

Identify keepers – Discern your perennials, climbers, shrubs and bushes that can be saved and turned into beauties.

Clear weeds and dead plants – Weeding takes time, whether done manually or by applying a weed killer. After weed killer is applied, the dead weeds must be pulled out.

Work in sections – If your jungle is big, don’t despair. Divide the garden into small sections and work on one at a time. Focus on fewer tasks, section by section. Also, it’s best to do your clean-up in autumn as summer is too hot and winter is too wet or cold.

Solarise – Cover weedy areas with clear plastic sheets weighted down with stones. The sun’s heat kills any weedlings and weed seeds as well as pests, bacteria and fungi in the soil. Remove the plastic at the start of spring.

Clean Up Tips

Add these tips to the above steps for a comprehensive approach:

Strimmers – strimmers are not good for removing weeds. The weeds will keep coming back, and their seeds are thoroughly dispersed by the strimmer.

Don’t remove all the jungle – appreciate the beauty of a meadow-style corner and leave a small corner with long grass and wildflowers. This will attract vital bees, butterflies and beneficial insects.

Spread out the perennials – Your perennials may have expanded, so carefully separate and transplant the keepers. Autumn is a great time for this.

A great help to your project will be hiring a skip. It saves you time by avoiding constant trips to garden waste dump sites by collating all the waste and being professionally trucked away.

Save time by avoiding constant trips to garden waste dump sites in Sydney by collating all the waste in a skip and having it professionally trucked away.

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