The core purpose of waste management is to supply a service, specifically to remove waste from the human habitat to ensure hygienic living conditions. With increasing production and consumption, the need for waste management as a ‘filter’ between human activities and the environment has increased, resulting in safe and reliable solutions for waste management. In addition, recycling became a known practice and was soon recognised to reduce the exploitation of primary resources, thus further reducing pollution.

The Best Alternative To Plastic Bags

We all know how unsightly and unsettling it is to have a large pile of waste just sitting around becoming your everyday cringe and eyesore. Besides the unpleasant view, there also comes a ghastly smell alongside many harmful effects on your health and the environment. Taking a green approach to your waste has countless benefits, and using a company that prioritises eco-friendliness gives you peace of mind that you are playing your part in saving our planet.

How To Deal With The Recycling Crisis

Managing the global recycling crisis comes with many challenges. More and more plastics are winding up in incinerators, landfills, or simply ending up as litter. Consequently, a lot of the plastic is contaminated by other trash materials, making it unrecyclable. This global recycling crisis requires a global effort, but you can do a few things to contribute to bringing change. For instance:

  • Educational campaigning
  • Separate your waste
  • Create a compost bin
  • Build eco-bricks
  • Upcycle craft activities for your kids

Tips To Fill Your Skip Bin The Right Way

Tip #1: Do not overfill your skip bin. It is not a game of Jenga. Overfilled skip bins may result in additional charges.

Tip #2: Properly fitting the rubbish into the bin. You don’t need to be an engineer, just use some spatial reasoning, and you should be good to go.

Tip #3: Fill the bin with the correct waste type. Know your waste type when ordering a skip bin to avoid additional costs and problems from mixing your waste.

Funny Alternative Ways To Use A Skip Bin

Having a skip bin that is not being used for waste disposal can be a great creative project. Think of these ideas and how much fun you could have using your skip bin in these unique ways.

1: Turn your skip bin into a swimming pool. Sounds crazy, I know, but with the right materials and some elbow grease, this will make for a great project in the summer.

2: For those rustic lovers, take this green approach and recycle your skip bin into a garden bed. A great addition to your garden!

3: Turn your skip bin into a skateboarding ramp for your kids (or for yourself). The perfectly shaped bin allows for a smooth down ramp for you to brush up on your skills.

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