Unlike large companies and construction sites, private individuals rarely need to move large amounts of waste. However, if you’ve found yourself reading this, it’s quite likely that you’re in need of a skip bin hire service in Northern Beaches and are unsure how to proceed. Skip bin hire is subject to a few myths. Let’s address six and crush them one by one before it stops you in your tracks and prevents you from renting one!

Myth 1 – It’s Expensive To Hire A Skip Bin 

It’s a highly competitive industry, and it’s cheaper than you originally thought. Take into account not only the pricing but also their delivery and pickup times and T&Cs when comparing quotes.

Myth 2 – You Have To Book Well In Advance & Know Exactly What Size You’ll Need

An excellent skip hire service will deliver your bin the same day you call and is available 24/7. Their efficient logistical setup ensures that customers are never waiting. If you are unsure what size bin you need, the staff will ask the right questions and make the best recommendation.

Myth 3 – Only Commercial Properties Can Use Skip Bins

It’s possible to hire a skip bin even if you live in an apartment complex, as long as you have permission from the apartment manager! Whether it’s for a construction site, a factory, or your house, skip hiring companies always ensure skip placements are safe and secure.

Myth 4 – There Is No Limit To What Can Be Put In Skip Bins

Skip bins can only accept certain types of waste, so they should be used responsibly. The waste you pile up will eventually be removed by someone else, so avoid overloading the skip with hazardous or illegal materials. There are only 5 types of waste acceptable:

  • General
  • Green
  • Concrete/ Brick
  • Soil/ Dirt
  • Mixed waste

For details, check the T&Cs and ask your skip bin provider.

Myth  #5 – Loading A Skip Bin Is A Difficult Task

With a little elbow grease and a few logical packing methods, you can load a skip in no time. You can hire walk-in bins, which are easy to access with a wheelbarrow. Understand the regulations and be mindful of large pieces. Make sure nothing pokes out of the bin.

Myth 6 – You Can’t Hire A Skip Bin If The Truck Can’t Access Your Driveway

The truth is that skips come in different sizes and types. You can hire a trailer skip on wheels that can be left on the road or at your back gate for household, light and general waste.

Ready to hire a skip bin? Northern Beaches Skip Bins is at your service! Rest assured, all your waste will be properly disposed of or recycled. Book your bin online today!